Välkommen till Göteborg Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Offers:

karta över matcharena

Choose which section you want, we fill from the front – first booked first served. If you need more tickets later just book in the same name as the first booking and the system sits you together.
Choose from the following offers:

Oktoberfest Package (Section A and B)

With alcohol kr. 595:

Without alcohol kr. 495:

VIP Package kr. 800 (same without alcohol kr. 650):

Seat + Beer + Brezel-snack package in section C kr. 300

Exclusive package w/Bavarian outfit kr. 1950 per person

Student offer (ONLY Thursday kr. 125)

(Valid Student card required at the entrance)

Brezel-snack and General Admission package kr. 150

In addition, an administrative fee of SEK 40 per total purchases. You can also book by sending an email to us and pay within 14 days (if you book before 1/8-2023).

The seats must be taken before 18:30 Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you wish to arrive later book VIP seats, they must be taken before 20:00